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Learning Approach

The overall business objective of the Sprint  programme is to equip Pre-Investment Start-up clients with the toolkits and capabilities to become investor ready in a relatively short time frame. The structure of this programme will be a blended learning approach that consists of 3 strands as follows.

The 4.5 Day Program will consist of a blended learning approach combining virtual learning content, face-to-face practical educational workshops,facilitated group sessions along with some pre course work to be completed.

Strand 1
Strand 2
Strand 3

The dates for the programme are as follows:

  • SPRINT Day 1 –  Wednesday 20th September
  • SPRINT Day 2 – Wednesday 11th October
  • SPRINT Day 3 – Thursday 9th November
  • SPRINT Day 4-  Wednesday 22nd November
  • SPRINT Day 5: Wednesday 6th December

Lean Model Canvas

The programme will focus on understanding and developing the key pillars underlying any successful start up business and will use the LeanModel Canvas as the framework to deliver on the objectives.

There will be 4 Learning streams for the program as follows:
- Lean Canvas Model : Participants will develop a full lean model canvas
- Financial Model: Participants will develop a framework Financial model which can be used to understand and explain their financial projections
- Sales Process and Channels to Market: Participants will get an overview on how to develop a sales process for their business and how to develop a route to market
- Pitch Deck : Participants will develop a pitch deck that can be used for pitching for investment and will be given some coaching on how to pitch.
There are 9 segments that the Lean model canvas addresses and which give focus to the other learning streams.

Customer Segments


Revenue Streams


Unique Value Proposition


Key Metrics

Cost Structure

Unfair Advantage